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Guilty Gear Xrd Online Functionality and Leo Whitefang Detailed

Developed by Arc System Works, Guilty Gear Xrd is a fighting game and is the fifth installment in the series. The game is being developed for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and just recently the developers confirmed a downloaded character named Leo Whitefang.

Up until now, other than his name, not much was known about this character.

However, that has changed. Arc System Works has released new details about the character’s physical appearance and personality.

According to the developers Leo’s height is 6’5″, country of origin is Germany and he is affiliated with the Allied Kingdom of Illyria.

“Leo is one of the three kings that rules over Illyria. He has ties to Ky that date back to the Holy War, manifesting as both as a close friendship and rivalry. Renowned for both his leadership and combat skills, he’s a commander who’s very capable of bringing his soldiers back from missions alive, even on the most harrowing of battlefields that would spell doom for lesser men.”

Apart from these details, some information was shared regarding the online functionality of Guilty Wars Xrd.

Open lobbies in the game can hold up to 64 players. You can customize the individual match setting prior to fighting.

If you are in the mood of being a spectator, then in addition to competing in a fight online, you can just sit back and watch other players rip each other apart.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to pick up the game for PS4, then keep in mind that the game will also support a tie-in app on this platform. Using this app, you can enter tournament, create tournaments, review the results of past tournaments and more. The app will be free to download on iOS and Android devices.

To know more about the game, follow the link here.