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Datamining Ruined The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Secrets

Despite the developers’ best efforts to bury complex secrets in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, some datamining operations have been able to uncover what was hidden in the code. Edmund McMillen and Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis were invited on a Vinesauce stream for a long interview and expressed their disappointment in the unconventional solving of riddles.

In the interview, McMillen pointed the finger at the datamining individuals for spoiling the secrets for everyone else. Additionally, the developer stated that this incident will likely lead to the team not working on hiding stuff anymore, saying:

It’s disheartening. It sucks because we’re gonna start working on an expansion soon, but we sure as hell aren’t gonna fucking take all the time that it took – especially with Simon, who tried his best to really bury the stuff so it would deter people from doing this, but all they see is a challenge, so they’re going to dive right in and do it anyway. I can say right now that I don’t think the expansion is going to feature any buried secrets that anybody will care about.

Rodriguez followed the statement by saying that it should’ve normally taken years for their ideas to be uncovered, which would’ve made their lost months of development time worth it. Instead, datamining The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth abruptly ended the search in about a week.

McMillen wanted to have a form of alternate reality gaming (ARG) event to have people come together to unlock secrets in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Instead, going forward, the developer feels any hidden content will likely not be buried, instead choosing another option:

I think I’ve learned that there’s no point in really doing that stuff, and the best way to hide a secret is to lock it in a very challenging area. I think if we end up doing anything like that in Rebirth, it’ll just be behind a barrier of entry; having a certain amount of skill.

Source: reddit.