WWE 2K15 Trailer Shows off Controls and Gameplay Changes

Here’s something that you must be familiar with when you start playing WWE 2K15; the gameplay changes and the controls. The developers have released a detailed video to take care of both.

The video kicks off with Mark Little the executive producer for WWE 2K15 who takes us right into the changes in gameplay that you will experience in the upcoming title.

For instance you will see the health bars of both the wrestlers on screen now along with the stamina bar. Then there are figures for your momentum that increases with successfully blocking attacks or succeeding in an offense.

The best part is, your ability to use signature moves and finishers will depend on your momentum.

Moving on, the trailer talks about how you can enable or disable chain wrestling. It also discusses in great detail the controls that you would be using to maneuver certain locks. Your chain wrestling will affect you stamina and it can go on until one of the players reach the lower level on the stamina bar.

You will automatically familiarize yourself with the basic controls of WWE 2K15 if you have been a fan of the series but if you still want to know we suggest you check out the video above.

Oh and by the way it also details how grappling is going to affect the game.

WWE 2K15 releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18.