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World of Tanks Gets New Clan Portal with New Clan Profile and More

In World of Tanks, Clans have always been important for those who wish to make a permanent place for themselves in the game. This is why fans of the game would be glad to know that has brought them a brand new Clan Portal.

According to a post made on the official website of the game this new clan portal is going to get you everything you could need in a clan in one place and in the most accessible way.

From now on, a single clan will be active in all Wargaming MMO titles, just as is the case with Premium Account and gold. This means that you’ll have the same clan tag and name, Military Personnel and Clan Treasure for each game in the Wargaming universe.

So you should look for upgrades in the Recruiting Station’s Personal File and Terms of Recruiting areas. Also, you will be allowed to choose which game you want to play with the clan.

As far as the design is concerned, now you have everything clan-related packed together like new clan creation options, the recruiting station for you to search and recruit players or clans and all the information you need on Strongholds and clan management.

It is expected that World of Tanks will get updated with more features on the new Clan Portal but the added features that you are getting right away include:


  • Detailed clan page for Strongholds
  • Detailed players’ statistics in the Clan Profile, including vehicle statistics
  • New Clan Profile with clan statistics, the log of clan events and changes, and a clan message board
  • Other useful tools


Last but not the least, if you wish to change your clan emblem one of these days, you will be able to do so for free if you get there between November 11 and November 30.