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TowerFall: Ascension Expansion Dark World Out In 2015

Arcade multiplayer title TowerFall: Ascension will receive an expansion, called Dark World. It will arrive on Playstation 4 and Steam in early 2015.

Dark World will pump out a few new things, such as a new character. Vainglorious Ghoul, as the addition is called, is the captain of the ghost ship, The Amaranth.

As such, The Amaranth will be one of the four new locations in Dark World. Another environment is called Cataclysm, which is a procedurally-generated tower.

There are also two dark world sides of known levels. Darkfang will mirror Frostfang Keep, while Dradwood will be the counterpart of Thornwood.

Additionally, the TowerFall: Ascension expansion will use two new power-ups. Trigger Arrows will work like mines that can be detonated at will.

Prism Arrows allow players to lock their opponents in magical prisons. This prevents them from hiding in the chaos of the game’s action.

TowerFall: Ascension originally came out for Ouya. It stands as one of the console’s most popular titles to date.

Since then, TowerFall: Ascension has moved on and flourished considerably elsewhere. While it has sold around 7000 copies on Ouya, its total winnings of $500,000 in sales come mostly from PS4 and PC, with the former being the biggest draw.

As such, Dark World seems to miss the inclusion of a Ouya update, given it’s stipulated for the two other platforms. It’s likely that the Android console won’t receive this expansion.

Dark World is the last big batch of content that TowerFall: Ascension will receive.