Tekken 7 Video Showcases Characters, New Moves And More

Fighting game community has been craving for new information on Tekken 7 since its location tests in Japan, and to calm the fans’ nerves, developers have released over 3-minute long trailer for the upcoming title.

The video showcases all the major characters that have been revealed so far, with all of their emphatic moves. You will be seeing Kazuya, Paul, Alisa, Feng, Heihachi, Law and so many other popular characters.

In addition, video also shows that there will be multi-level stages in the game. Moreover, a new tech move has been added as well, which will allow you to counter moves of opponents at the cost of your health.

The visuals with the help of Unreal Engine 4 are looking pretty sleek, and I am sure that they will be enhanced even more before the game console release next year.

Tekken 7 has added a couple of new mechanics to the series – first one is called Rage Art; it allows you to execute multiple unblockable moves at once and deal plenty of damage to your opponent. This move is only activated when your health is critical.

Secondly, there’s Power Crush, which allows you to continue your attacks even when they are being blocked by the enemies.

Tekken 7 will release in Japanese Arcades in February of 2015, and will come to the current-gen consoles sometime later in the same year.