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Red Faction: Guerrilla Drops GFWL in Favor of Steamworks, Directx 11 Support Added

Nordic Games acquired Red Faction franchise from THQ and after the acquisition was complete, studio stated that they would remove the Games For Windows Live requirement altogether from Red Faction: Guerrilla and it has finally happened.

The executive producer, Reinhard Pollice made the announcement on game’s steam page, stating that the game will now be fully supported by Steam:

  • Matchmaking and Multiplayer via Steamworks
  • No Games for Windows Live sign-in required
  • Leaderboards via Steam
  • Voice Chat via Steam
  • Achievements via Steam
  • Uses DX9 Renderer by default as DX10 created a lot of problems and resulted in performance drawbacks (that should also fix Win8 issues)
  • At first launch the game attempts to migrate savegames from GFWL to the new system

As stated by Pollice, DX10 was causing several problems for Red Factions: Guerrilla, so instead of completely abandoning it, developers decided to bring the title to DX 11.

The beta for DX11 update is already live on Steam, with full release expected to happen in the coming weeks. Using this update will improve your gaming experience and will fix some of the bugs that were causing trouble during gameplay.

For more information on the changes that have been brought to Red Faction: Guerrilla, visit the game’s Steam page.

Do try out these new updates and share your impressions with us in the comments below!