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Rainbow Six: Siege – Breaching and Rappelling Mechanics Tailored to Realism

Ubisoft has provided more information about its upcoming tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

In a new blog post, the developer has talked about some of the core mechanics involved and how these can be utilized in competitive team-based matches.

The drone for one offers great scouting advantage to the attacking team as members can use its live feed to note the position of enemies, before a round commences. The drone will continue to play its part until the defending team destroys it.

“Our drone is designed around a real life tool in active use by many tactical teams worldwide,” Ubisoft said. “We saw interesting reports of CTUs [counter-terrorist units] using these recon drones to scout areas during bomb defusal situations and made it part of our original prototype. Fans of the series probably remember the snake cam, and this is essentially our version.”

Rainbow Six: Siege will also feature rappelling that will come in two forms – seated rappelling and Australian rappelling.

Seated rappelling allows players to directly breach windows, while Australian rappelling allows players to look directly towards the ground and gain a vantage point when peering into a window. In such a scenario players can then also choose to swing about and reposition themselves.

Ubisoft is tailoring the game according to real-life elements. Frag grenades have been included but they are extremely limited since “CTUs traditionally do not carry frag grenades into operations.” Flashbangs have been given great importance because “no self-respecting CTU would head into an operation without [one].”

Additionally the developer promised to listen to feedback in order to incorporate as much improvement as possible.

Rainbow Six: Siege is scheduled for release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2015. The game has been promised to run at 60 fps on both consoles.