Everquest Gets Darkened Sea Expansion, 21st In 15 Years

It’s astounding, but the first Everquest is still in operation and getting updates. Its latest expansion, The Darkened Sea, marks a whopping 21 enhancements to the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game.

This update will add eight new zones to the world. There are coastal cities, dungeons, the usual forests and a volcanic area involved in the additions.

Naturally, there are a few more monsters to fight as well. Aside from the usual giant boss creatures and the flying apparitions here and there, our favorite would definitely be the pack of dinosaurs you’ll get to fight.

Everquest characters can get to level 105 in the Darkened Sea expansion. Quests and raids can be found in the update too, as well as new spells and items.

Another trinket that’s singled out in the new content is a Mount Key Ring that makes access to a mount easier.

There’s a trailer for the Darkened Sea update, where we can see the game in action. It’s frankly starting to look rather dated by now, but at least the existing user base of the pioneer MMO can be pleased with even more content.

Everquest celebrates 15 years of existence. In 1999, it was one of the first major MMO projects to find mass appeal.

Since then, it has transitioned to a free-to-play version, though it didn’t opt for a new model until all the way in 2012. Oddly enough, that move came after its sequel, Everquest II, which installed free-to-play systems in 2011.

Currently, publisher Sony Online Entertainment is busy with the production of the game’s newest iteration, Everquest Next. An offshoot to it, Landmark, is currently on Steam via Early Access.