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Early Access Survival Game The Forest Now Has Co-op

Disturbing survival game, The Forest, has added cooperative multiplayer. This is the first time that the game is venturing into multiple player options, so it’s currently only possible to play with two people.

The Forest is currently on Steam through Early Access, so it’s not exactly a finished product just yet. Developer Endnight Games has stated that it will increase the player limit in future patches.

When not exploring and surviving together, players can throw a tennis ball at each other, which indicates a rudimentary co-op design. There’s also a chat box included, so that communication is possible.

Voice chat will be added in another update for The Forest. It will be simulated in the game through walkie-talkies.

Since adding another player is a radical change, there are some things wrong that are in the process of getting fixed. For instance, survival elements like traps, blueprints and fires were patched, after some noticeable issues.

There are also save issues. Those who save a co-op game over a singleplayer file will not be able to restart their run in multiplayer.

Items that are partially destroyed are noted to trigger glitches as well. It’s recommended not to destroy things you haven’t built yourself.

The Forest is one of the many survival titles on Early Access, but it’s one that’s been fortunate to be one of the successful ones. It is still a top seller, despite being out since May of 2014.

A few thousand players are consistently playing the game, which puts it well in between the top 100 games on Steam, aside cult favorites like Starbound and Killing Floor.