Don’t Call White Space A No Man’s Sky Clone

Publisher Curve Digital has announced a new, fresh project by the name of White Space. It’s a procedurally-generated bounty hunter game with minimalist visuals.

Environments in White Space are comprised of flat, angular textures with slight contrast differences to create rocks, mountains, crevices and so on. In a developer diary for the game, director Jonathan Biddle discusses the use of multiple styles to give locations a distinct look.

With an alteration of lighting effects, clouds and weather simulations, the similar-looking environments can end up shaping out much different. Some elements may end up affecting missions.

In White Space, players control a flying vehicle that sets out to explore different planets. A bounty is released, which has to be tracked down through exploration.

On your travels, you’ll be able to encounter different outposts and enemies other than the current target. Combat will focus on being able to maneuver through the jagged environments, which forces players to adjust position and aim frequently.

Jonathan Biddle has been working on the project for about 18 months now. It’s been announced now, as their previous title, Stealth Inc. 2, has release on Nintendo Wii U recently.

white space

white space

Through its visual theme and sci-fi style, White Space attracts a connection to the currently popular indie behemoth that is No Man’s Sky from Hello Games. Biddle is aware of the easily created link, as jokingly mentioned on Twitter:

In a recent piece on Gamasutra, however, the developer states that the game will stick to planet surfaces and won’t force trading or needless exploration in the game. To name-drop a few titles to link it to, Biddle states:

[It’s] going to be more Halo meets Starglider rather than Elite meets Proteus.

A bit later in the article, the developer continues to specify White Space as follows:

I guess it’s similar to how Far Cry 2 was structured in a way? Explore around, execute a mission, get it wrong and have to replan on the fly.