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Blizzard Wins Infringement Lawsuit Against Hearthstone Clone in China

Back in January, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against Unico for Hearthstone infringement, and today, it has been revealed that Blizzard has won the legal battle and now, Unico will have to pay them over 1.6 Million USD.

According to Kotaku, Unico has stated that they haven’t received any legal document from the court regarding compensation for Blizzard and its Chinese partner NetEase.

Company continued on to say that they are unhappy about false reporting that has been done, and they will consult their lawyers before they take any further action.

Finally, Unico stated that they respect the intellectual rights of everyone and their sole purpose is to serve the players, for which they will keep on creating new games.

Unico‚Äôs title in question “Crouching Dragon Legends” has been taken off the Apple store and other local app stores. The servers of the game were put on hold right after the suit was filed earlier this year.

In a statement, developers have assured game’s fans that they will reimburse their earning and real cash with items and in-game currency with their future titles.

Crouching Dragon Legends is almost a ditto copy of Hearthstone and there was no way, Blizzard was going to let it slide.

No official announcement has been made by Chinese court regarding the compensation yet, but we will keep you updated as we have more.