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Wii U Update 5.3.0 is Now Live, Adds Amiibo Support Among Other Changes

The 5.3.0 system update for Nintendo Wii U has been released and it brings the support for amiibo figurines, which will be available in the market, starting November 21.

A short rundown on Amiibo inclusion has been provided by Nintendo on its support page as:

amiibo Settings has been added to System Settings. amiibo Settings allows users to register an amiibo owner and nickname, delete data written to an amiibo by supported software, or reset an amiibo.

In addition, some improvements to the system stability and usability have also been made with the new update.

The Amiibo figurines will help players unlock new stuff in the games. So far, it has been confirmed that you will be able to add costumes in Mario Kart 8 with these figurines, and using Link’s Amiibo in Hyrule Warriors will unlock a new weapon.

Nintendo’s original plan was to make all first party titles compatible with Amiibos, but company’s licensing manager, Damon Baker stated yesterday that the third party support for upcoming figurines is also under consideration.

Some minor adjustments and changes have been made with Wii U 5.3.0 update as well, you can catch the details on them on Nintendo’s official website.

What changes are you experiencing after the new update on your Wii U? Let us know in the comments below!