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PS4 Update 2.02 is Now Live, Brings Stability for Different Features

Sony has released the new firmware update 2.02 for PlayStation 4, and it is available to download in all regions. This update is not very big taking only 217 MB of your hard disk space.

The update brings some minor stability changes to the console’s features that were affected by the 2.0 firmware update.

Sony is now releasing weekly updates to get everything in order on their new gen console. Just last week, update 2.01 was released to fix the Rest Mode issue, which also became part of PS4 after 2.0 update.

Some of the users are still facing problems on their console, but Sony is hard at work on fixing them and hopefully, they will be fixed soon.

Apart from some problems, the 2.0 update brought a ton of new features to PS4 including SharePlay virtual couch, which lets you share your games with one of your friends and they don’t even need to own it.

Furthermore, demanded features like theme support, USB media player, ability to pause download and a lot of others were also added.

As for now, this is all we have to share regarding the PS4 updates, but we will keep you posted as Sony reveals more.

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