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Overwatch Doesn’t Have Single Player Despite a Colorful Story

With every one going bonkers with every teensy bit of news that comes out with regards to Overwatch these days, I thought we should cover the important bases too.

So what we have at hand is a confirmation that the game is going to be a multiplayer only title where developers don’t think they would ‘ever’ make a single player mode.

Obviously we don’t need a further confirmation about anything regarding the game’ features than word of the game director. Jeff Kaplan, who happens to be just that, was rounded up by Kotaku at the BlizzCon 2014.

When he was questioned about the possibility of having a single player campaign, he said that a single player campaign would collide with how the characters work and hence disrupt a good multiplayer gameplay:

I don’t think we would ever do a single-player campaign, because the way these characters work… they’re cool when you combine them together. Some don’t play well alone, either. Unless we built a campaign around supporting somebody else, a support character like Mercy probably wouldn’t do well.

I can’t tell you where it’s going, but I can tell you we have a great cinematics department and they’re fired up to have this new universe at their disposal.

The game is still going to flush out plot details to the players ever so often; mostly through dialogue between your heroes. There are character relationships, extensive voice acting and stories outside the game itself to fill you in on the lore of the universe.

Do you think Overwatch would have done well with a single player campaign mode? Or were you even expecting one after the ever so Team Fortress 2-like vibes it gives off?