Hellblade Developer Diary 6 Sheds Light on the Camera System

Heavenly Sword was one of the first PS3 exclusives and the game impressed both in terms of its visuals and gameplay. In Heavenly Sword, developer Ninja Theory placed the camera on rails in-game, which was not an easy task for the programmers.

However, in Hellblade, the developer is using a different approach as explained in the latest development diary.

Developers are claiming that the world in Hellblade is far more open compared to any of their previous projects. So they can’t create a camera system similar to their previous games which relied on programmers/designers a lot.

So they wanted a system which is rather easy to implement and gives players maximum control.

Therefore, Ninja Theory decided to go with the third person over the shoulder perspective. According to developers, this is easier to implement in terms of “coding and design.”

This type of view is not used often in games like Hellblade, so it’s an unusual but practical choice in terms of development.

Hellblade will also have a lock-on feature, so players can lock the camera on a certain enemy. Developers tested this feature with various types and sizes of enemies, to see if the camera system can handle it and can be adjusted accordingly.

You can see that the developers are putting a lot of effort in order to justify calling Hellblade an “independent AAA” title. They are working to make sure they deliver a game which has strong characters, strong story, and an even better combat system.

To know more about Hellblade, check out the video above and let us know of your opinions in the comments below!