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Here’s Why Batman Arkham Knight Doesn’t have a Co-op Mode

Batman Arkham Knight is pretty far away, but being the last game in the Arkham series may be it deserves it. However, it doesn’t have a multiplayer; care to know why?

Zafer Coban the lead animator for Batman Arkham Knight at Rocksteady Studios recently held a two part Q&A session with the fans of the series through a livestream.

The part about the lack of co-op mode in the game came up in the second part; you can check it out on YouTube by going here.

One of the fans asked if there will any co-op, and in response to that they explained that the game had not been built around the idea of co-op, it was for you to become Batman and that could happen for one person at a time:

“We’re making a Batman game. For us, that means getting the player to be the Batman. It’s a single-player experience where you get to pick up the controller and wear the cowl and be that guy. So there won’t be any co-op.”

Other than that, the Q&A session also dropped a lot of information about the storyline of Batman Arkham Knight, and you might want to avoid it if you don’t like spoilers.

With Joker gone, Scarecrow has united all the enemies against Batman, this is as escalated as it gets. Now Gotham has been abandoned and Arkham is our venue – a map that is five times the last game.

At Halloween night, the city is sprawling with rioters, militia and their traps and it is for you to take them on all by yourself.

Batman Arkham Knight is being developed or Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One using Unreal Engine 3. The game will be released worldwide on June 5, 2015.

Is that too long to wait? Would you have been okay with it if one of these days the developers announced to include a co-op mode in the game?