Halo Master Chief Collection: Halo CE Terminals Locations Guide

Terminals were accessible elements in the Halo series first introduced in Halo 3, but have now made it into Halo: Combat Evolved.

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Halo Master Chief Collection: Halo CE Terminals Locations

There are ten terminals in ten of the Halo levels, and take the shape of sophisticated, hard to spot control panels that can be found in some of the most unlikeliest of places.

These terminals reveal some backstory snippets and are vital for certain Achievements. This guide gives you the location of each of these terminals.

Pillar of Autumn
When you enter the bridge, you will notice a few terminal booths on the left. The one that has red lighting (second booth) is the terminal here. Approach it and press the X button to access it.

Arriving on Halo
After the first major fight, a Pelician will drop a Warthog. Drive it into the tunnel and you will notice two openings here. One has a ramp that goes up, and one that goes down. Choose the one that goes down, then turn left. There is a hallway here that is glowing yellow, which has the terminal.

Truth and Reconciliation
The terminal in this mission is located on the main platform of the ship’s bridge. Walk up to the holographic panels and access them.

The Silent Cartographer
When you fight the first pair of Hunters in this mission, the large structure has a terminal underneath one of its branching off hallways.

Assault on the Control Room
Towards the end of the level, you’ll come across a pyramid shaped structure. Head towards the structure and you’ll be able to spot a crevasse here with a yellow glow. The terminal is located in this crevasse.

343 Guilty Spark
Near the end of the level, head into the elevator that leads you back to the surface, activate the lift and quickly turn around. You’ll need to jump as the elevator ascends to access the other level on the elevator to land on the overhang, where the terminal can be accessed.

The Library Terminal
Head to the third floor of The Library. In the large circular room, head to the right, jumping over the supporting pillar bases to reach a glowing yellow light. You’ll eventually come across the glowing terminal.

Two Betrayals Terminal
As soon as the cutscene at the start of the level ends, head to the left and circle around till your reach the glowing terminal.

Keyes Terminal
Head into the room holding the tortured Captain Keyes. As you enter this room, look to the right of Captain Keyes to spot the terminal.

The Maw
Fight through the Cryogenic Storage Room in The Maw and use a ladder to reach the control room. Check the walls of this control room for a glowing red terminal.

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