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Halo 5 Beta Packs First Ever Spectator Mode of Series History

There is always something new in the Halo world that deserves to be reported and I am amazed how this thing keeps going on and on. That being said, the news we have this time is quite great.

Developer 343 Industries has confirmed that the Halo 5 Beta is also going to introduce Spectator Mode into the game. This will be first time in the series history that a Halo title will get it.

The news came in through the HaloFest where the developers have also revealed the first ever gameplay footage of the title running smooth on Xbox One.

Not just that, 343 Industries says that the iteration of the Spectator Mode that you are going to get in the upcoming Halo 5 Beta is just going to be where it all starts. The mode will expanded to include more features for the full release too!

If you would want to check out something apart from the said gameplay footage, here is a Halo 5 gameplay footage that was found in Halo Master Chief Collection.

Do let us know if you have purchases the Halo Master Chief Collection and if you did it for the previous games or the Halo 5 Beta.

There was a time back in October when it was rumored that Halo 5 Guardians might come out on November 10, 2015 but that is not the case.

As far as the Halo 5 Beta is concerned, you can get your hands on it if you have purchased Halo Master Chief Collection! The beta phase will kick off on December 29, 2014 and run until January 18, 2015.

Make sure you are all set up and ready for it!