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GTA V Now Available For Pre-Download On Xbox One

GTA V is now available for pre-downloading on the Xbox One via the official Xbox Store.

Only those who have pre-ordered the game can avail this opportunity and go ahead right now to download the game which sits at 42.4 GB. Doing so will make you ready for launch day (which is in less than a week) and start playing right away.

There has been no confirmation on whether the PlayStation 4 version will also be available for pre-download later today or not. GTA V releases for both current-gen consoles on November 18 and is confirmed to run at native 1080p resolution with 30 frames-per-second.

We were recently informed about the First-Person mode which is exclusive to the next-gen versions and allows players to toggle it on the fly during their gameplay. This includes fire-fights as well, if you fancy some old-fashioned first-person shooting experience.

With increased draw distances, thousands of new animations and crowd reactions, totally overhauled HUDs and UI, massive graphics upgrade and more, GTA V looks to achieve new records this year as well.

The PC version is scheduled for release next year in January and will feature support for 4K resolutions.