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Final Fantasy XV Car Customization, Gambit System Discussed by Tabata

Square Enix has finally figured out which year and which season they are going to release Final Fantasy XV in. Doesn’t this mean they should be in a place closer to the finish line than ever before?

I think so too, because Hajime Tabata the producer of the game now has a lot of bits and pieces to share with us regarding the game.

As far as the car and its customizations are concerned, while Tabata didn’t reveal that you will be able to use spells on it, he did say that it will be customizable.

However, he further discussed by saying that the car was actually more than just a thing, it was like the fifth character in Final Fantasy XV:

We’re planning to make the car customizable. About if the car is important is the story, the car is not such a major element of the story in that way. The way we see the car, it is like the fifth character, the fifth companion. He’s gonna be through all through the game right to the end as a character but probably not a massive element as the story no [sic].

He then evaded a question about the airship saying that ‘they are quite related to the opposing faction in the game and the story’ which is why he couldn’t talk much about it yet.

You would remember Gambit System from FFXII, the feature that let you preprogram your characters to behave in a certain way.

Tabata says that the system they are now using isn’t called Gambit. Though the system is similar you will have new logic patterns focused around action RPG elements.

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