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Final Fantasy Explorers Demo Coming On November 14

Final Fantasy Explorers demo was announced just recently, but it was without a release date. Square Enix has finally revealed that the demo will be available starting November 14.

Explorers demo will be free to download from Nintendo’s eShop on 3DS. It will cover the opening hours of the game and will feature four players online multiplayer.

And to keep you busy, it will feature 2 summon boss fights, jobs and some equipment from the prologue chapter. In the demo, you will be able to customize their character’s hairstyle, voice, face and gender.

Not only that, you will also have access to the game’s monster creation feature. This will let you create your own monsters in the Monster Laboratory.

I can see myself spending hours with this but what will happen to all my creations and progress once the final game comes out? Thankfully, all of your progress and saved data will be transferred to the full game upon release.

Furthermore, a bunch of new videos from the game showed us character creation and some basic quests. You can see all of them by following the link here.

Final Fantasy Explorers is a 3DS exclusive and will be released in Japan next month.