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Destiny to get New Economies for Upgrade Materials, Says Bungie

Did you think that Bungie was done with Destiny? Well, I don’t think so. The developer still has some new stuff up its sleeves and they have shared a pretty darn expansive weekly update to share things with you.

According to the weekly update, you are looking at some new additions to the game (announced and unannounced). We already know about channels to meet up with matchmaking based teammates, more exotic weapons, more gear and everything ‘The Dark Below’ is going to bring.

However, there also are multiple things that the developers have kept secret from the community.

You are looking at some new shaders for the gear you have (and probably the gear they promised above) and you are also looking at more ‘showers’ in public spaces.

Many of us have been complaining about the traffic flow in certain regions but that is also going to get fixed soon alongside multiple technical adjustments.

The two things that caught my eye the most were the weapon preview feature and the addition of ‘new economies to equip you with upgrade materials.

I think the new economies that are being developed to aid us with upgrade materials are going to be interesting. This means that the flow of materials would get faster and complement our endgame needs in a better way.

However, this could also mean that Bungie is now turning more towards in-game purchases and bringing them into the stream light through the new economies.

I just hope that that is not the case because many of us dote the way this game works around the economy and monetary elements.

Are you still playing Destiny? What has been the best part of the game for you so far?