OverWatch – How Blizzard Crafted Everyone’s Favorite Character

The internet has been abuzz with hordes of news stories trickling down from every nook and corner about Blizzard’s newly announced multiplayer first person shooter Overwatch.

It seems as if every aspect of the game has been thought, rethought, reported and re-reported.

In the midst of all this, there is a lot to take away about the game. For instance, this is the first time they are making an FPS and that they are launching a new franchise for the first time in almost two decades!

That obviously shows how much they would have put into it; so let’s see what we have got. So far they have introduced 12 characters grouped into four classes namely Offense, Defense, Support and Tanks; Blizzard has thankfully detailed all 12 for us.

If you go through them one by one you would feel that they have been crafted expertly enough to give any player at least one thing that they love in every character.

They have sort of rounded up the favorite gameplay styles, weaponry systems, and abilities, and grouped them into different options in such a way that there is a take away for someone in every one of those classes.

First up, we have Tracer who was the leading role player in the announcement trailer. She can Teleport and Time-Jump at the same time while sprawling the battleground with shots from her Pulse Pistols and her Pulse Bombs.

Symmetra can use a Photon Projector to grab enemies and even break through their shields. When she is not in a place herself, she can always place Turrets on the go.

She will prove to be very helpful in a team as she can create a Shield over other players and also allow them to teleport to a place of her selection (or need).

Pharah is your go to powerhouse with weaponry like Rocket Launchers, Concussive Blasts or Barrages that can take down multiple enemies together. Oh and she does all that alongside Hovering and using her Jump Jet to skyrocket above the battlegrounds.

Hanzo, who prides himself for being a bowman and an assassin. He does most of his fighting with the arrows using her Storm Bow, Sonic Arrow, Scatter Arrow or Dragonstrike that make sure you don’t miss an enemy. He can also Wall Climb and ensure you see enemies where other don’t.

Reaper, as the name suggests is eerie and can sweep through enemies under smoke. He wields two huge pistols and can also teleport from one place to another with his Shadow Step. Last but not the least, you could use Death Blossom to take down multiple enemies together.

Winston is heavily armored with Shield Protector and the ability to High Jump away from trouble easily. He usually attacks with electrically charged melee attacks, but his Primal Rage ability can turn the toughest enemies into bread crumps with just one blow.

There always has to be a dwarf who ties his beard in two knots; and Torbjorn is just that alongside engineering skills that let him use his Forge Hammer to make turrets.

While he himself relies mostly on the Rivet Gun, he drops armor buffs ever so often and uses his Molten Core ability when the going gets tough

Bastion is someone who can turn into a robot and a turret whenever he wants. This mechanical hero can Self-Repair, configure itself into Assault mode, Re-Configure itself into a Turret and send Remote Mines to the path of enemies so that they get roasted as they come closer.

Mercy is a healer by nature. She uses her Caduceus Staff to engage with other players and heal them as they fight or to boost their damage.

In order to help friends, she can even fly high using the Guardian Angel ability or the Angelic Decent ability to come back down. The best part, she can resurrect heroes!

Widowmaker, believes in not wasting more than one shot to kill someone. A great sniper, she can use the Grappling Hook to get to higher ground and then use Widow’s Kiss to snipe down multiple enemies.

Not just that, she can use Infra Sight to see enemies form behind the walls and place Venom Mines on their path so that they get killed automatically when they pass.

Zenyatta is a very different hero; he is nearly a yogi who sort of glides through the battle throwing Orbs of Destruction at enemies and Orbs of Harmony for teammates.

His best ability is transcendence, where he turns into a Hindu goddess Kali and rains utter destruction on all enemies in close vicinity.

The last hero is Reinhardt, who is the biggest of them all and to top that, he wields a huge Rocket Hammer which is probably bigger than the size of some other heroes.

He can also deploy a shield in front of him that can keep other players secure too. He can kill you just by Charging at you, using the Fire Strike or the Earthshatter ability.

We do understand that these are just the first 12 characters that Blizzard have shared with us for Overwatch, but the fact that we can already see such a variety of the loosely carved characters tells me that there is going to be a lot more to experience than the first dozen.

Even among these, I think the community would have found some of their favorite playstyles matched into the heroes. It surely tells how the developers have thought it all through.

Don’t you think?