Total War Attila Trailer Shows why Rome is Crumbling Down

Ever since The Creative Assembly has announced Total War Attila back at EGX, I have been wanting to get hold of something that would tell me what will go down with Rome – the Rome we built in the previous iterations!

Here’s the big news, this trailer shows you how Rome is going to crumble as the game progresses. Due to Attila, it is all fire now; it is all apocalyptic; it is Total War!

There is discord among the Romans, they are not united and this has resulted in an opportunity for the enemies. They are marching on the borders. Even the neighbors they have truce with sound doubted.

If the initial trailers of Total War Attila are so hardcore about the war, I can only wonder what will come out when things find the momentum.

That being said, if you wish to find out more about the gameplay, check out this trailer to see how fires will have an impact along with barricades and more.

So far, the Creative Assembly has not shared when they will release Total War Attila but it is confirm that the game will be out in the markets in 2015.