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Match-3 Game Gunspell From Warlock Devs Now On Steam

Publisher Kiss Ltd continues to release games on Steam in rapid succession. Their latest effort is Gunspell, from developer Ino-Co Plus, which costs €12.99, but can currently be bought for a 20% discount.

Given the “Steam edition” attachment, it’s clear that Gunspell is a port. It’s a free mobile title, also available on Facebook, which was brought to PC.

Gunspell is a match-3 puzzle game hybrid, which follows the structure of titles like Puzzle Quest that appends its game with roleplaying game (RPG) elements. Aside from matching three or more items on a board, players are also locked in battle with an opponent.

In this model, color-coded values on the board yield mana for spells, deal damage or heal players. For Gunspell, this is done via weapons such as guns, as well as magical abilities.

Additionally, the normal match-3 panel is replaced with a hex grid that makes it a bit trickier to line up rows to complete. Certain skills can affect areas of the grid, which diversifies the combat element.

There’s an entire RPG mechanism behind battles. Players get whisked away to different worlds that can be explored. Points of interest are revealed as fog of war dissipates, which also shows what monsters are waiting ahead.

It’s possible to take on quests, which can reward players with extra items, like new weapons or defensive gear.

Gunspell shares a similar aesthetic to other Ino-Co Plus titles. Recently, the developer has been known mostly for their work on the Warlock 4X strategy games from publisher Paradox Interactive.

Hopefully, Gunspell can look to the team’s pedigree for quality, because that’s a sizable prize change, given it was once free.