#Killallzombies Comes To Europe This Week With New Stuff

Zombie arcade game, #Killallzombies, will make it to the European Playstation Store this week. It launched for North American residents just two weeks ago.

Publisher Beatshapers has hereby produced their first Playstation 4 game in record time. An announcement for the zombie title was done in August.

In #Killallzombies, players command a person, seen from a third person perspective, in an arena with hex tiles. Periodically, the environment gets filled with a new wave of undead, which has to be evaded and shot down.

Each round, the playing field can change, with hex tiles that reveal obstacles, shift in height and so on. After the completion of a wave, the player is rewarded with experience.

There’s a progress system in #Killallzombies. New weapons make it more manageable to take down hordes, while perks can also be acquired to grow in power.

Some waves can have boss fights with giant creatures that take up many hexes. These bosses can also manipulate the area.

A unique element to #Killallzombies is the ability for outsiders to alter a playthrough. Through live streams, those who tune in to the PS4 title can issue commands to increase the difficulty, similar to a system horror game Daylight applied as well.

There’s currently no price point for the Euro release of #Killallzombies, as Alexey Menshikov of Beatshapers stated that they are awaiting some new value-added tax regulations.

Additionally, the Euro launch will have a discount for Playstation Plus subscribers, to make up for the slight gap between region releases. Again, a price couldn’t be nailed down just yet, but it should be clear soon enough.

Lastly, an update for #Killallzombies is imminent, which will bring with it new bosses, weapons, perks and chat commands.