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Karissa the Destroyer is a Fake; Relax Super Smash Bros Fans

No doubt some of us take things like health, parking fines and Super Smash Bros very seriously.

Recently a little girl had risen from among the game’s community as some sort of a natural born legend who was beating the shit out of everyone who faced her in the game. People were in disbelief, amazement and I think some level of jealously too – she has even been titled Karissa the Destroyer.

However, here’s something to soothe your nerves; Karissa the Destroyer was a planted actress. All the matches were fabricated as part of a promotion being held by GameStop for which they actually hired the little girl as well as her opponents.

Here’s what the retailer supposedly posted on Casting Networks Los Angeles:

Looking for six gamers as planted people to compete against our girl. Looking for men and women aged 16-30, all ethnicities. Need to have familiarity and some skill at Super Smash Bros the game. The shoot is basically a hidden camera job where we have a little girl play Super Smash Brothers against a series off opponents at a sneak peak before launch.

Well, if things were supposed to go any more wayward it would be if the screenshot detailing this role on Reddit turns out to be photoshopped.

Something tells me that is not the case though. So get some peace of mind Super Smash Bros fans, Karissa the Destroyer is not real, you can continue to dominate the rest.

If you are interested in finding out what exactly did she do to garner so much attention, we suggest that you head to YouTube and watch her video.