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Look At These Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Dog And Chicken Plushies

Publisher Rising Star Games has added some merchandise to its online store, in lieu of the European release of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. Two plushies can be acquired from their site.

One of the plushies is a known item. It’s the little dog that was available as a preorder bonus for the North American launch of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

For the aforementioned, however, the measurements were a bit different. The Dog plushie available through Rising Star Games is bigger, standing at measurements of 20cm by 37cm by 25cm, which is 12 inches to the other variety’s 6 inches.

To get the stuffed dog toy, you’ll need to drop €25.44. It’s not exactly as complementary as its preorder kinship.

For the Chicken & Chick plushie, you’ll need to dig even deeper. This combo item comes at €31.81, with measurements of 30cm by 25cm by 33cm and 16cm by 16cm by 17cm respectively.

For comparison, these two items are closer to the premium bunny that was available for the Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley collector’s edition, which cost a bit more.  To get that one, North American residents had to pitch in an extra $10 on their regular copy.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will make its way to Europe in 2015. Through publisher Natsume, the game has already been made available in North America this month.

This iteration of the known farming game will change things up a bit. Aside from tending to a farm, players will also explore different regions and even rearrange the landscape to their liking.