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Final Fantasy Explorers Lite Version Save Data Can Be Transferred to Full Game

Final Fantasy Explorers is not too far from its Japanese release on Nintendo’s 3DS but before that happens, Square Enix will release a lite version of the game.

Final Fantasy Explorers lite version will let players test out the game and will give them access to the opening hours of this title. Moreover, Square Enix has now revealed that all of your progress can be transferred from the lite version to the full game upon release.

The demo version of the game will also give players a chance to try out both local and online multiplayer.

When will the demo come out is a mystery right now, but it is expected to hit Nintendo’s eShop sometime before Final Fantasy Explorers comes out next month.

Final Fantasy Explorers is an action RPG, and the game starts on an Island with various locations.

Players can access other locations beyond this Island on foot. It is not clear how many areas will be available in the demo for the players to explore.

Most Final Fantasy games are narrative driven but unlike most, Explorers emphasizes on quests. The main goal is to collect crystals, which are scattered across the Island and beyond that.

Unfortunately, the game is only announced for the Japanese market, with no word so far regarding a western launch.

Final Fantasy Explorers is slated for a December 18 launch exclusively on Nintendo’s 3DS.

Source: NintendoEverything