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Everstar Kickstarter Nixed: “Failed To Get Any Coverage”

Remember Everstar, the grand roleplaying game (RPG) that started a massive Kickstarter campaign not too long ago? Sadly, developer Psycho Sorted has announced the premature closure of the funding event, due to low interest.

In an update post, the team feels a lack of exposure is to blame, stating:

We failed to get any coverage whatsoever by the larger media outlets which, given the high funding goal we needed to build out Everstar as a crowd funded game, has basically left our project dead in the water.

Such as this has happened in earlier campaigns, such as with Explosive Dinosaurs, there’s only so much media can do about launching interest for a game. We reported on Everstar as well, as it looks like an intriguing project, but there are a lot of other factors to include.

For instance, Everstar needed a whopping $850,000 to get the game made. That’s a daunting figure from the get-go and without strong connections in the industry to lobby for you, it’s going to be hard to achieve success on articles alone.

There is some classic gameplay to get excited about in Everstar though. One of its most interesting mechanisms is a system to slow down a battle in Tactics mode, where it’s possible to decide character routes.

Up to six characters can enter real-time fights, each with customizable jobs and weapons that can be swapped. Cooperative play could allow for all these roles to be filled by other players.

Everstar is in hands of some industry veterans, which have worked on titles like the Elder Scrolls, Command & Conquer, Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The team will try to continue work on Everstar and bring the game “in whatever form” possible. As long as that doesn’t mean they’ll go for a cut-to-pieces mobile release, count us in.