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Dragon Age: Inquisition Installation Size Discussed Along With Graphics Comparison

BioWare has revealed the installation size of Dragon Age: Inquisition and also mentioned some of the next-gen graphic settings available on the PC version.

In a recent Q&A session conducted on Reddit, Bryan Johnson from the studio’s Quality Assurance department said that the game’s installation size comes to about 24 GB on the PC, while it is between 40-46 GB on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On the PS3 and Xbox 360, that size comes to about 8 GB.

PC is about 24gb varies within 2gb depending on German, French or English VO. Deluxe edition adds about 100mb. Next Gen consoles: Between 40-46gb install size, with between 5-7gb of initial install. Xbox 360: 8gb install – PS3: 6gb install for disk and I believe ~19gb for PSN

He also added that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions come close to the high settings on PC. The water texture for one, Johnson noted, won’t look quite as good on consoles as they would on PC.

When people began asking him to compare the visuals of Battlefield 4 with Dragon Age: Inquisition, he said that the reference is wrong. “You can use it to ballpark but you can’t use it as this is it,” he said.

He did however, mention that the RPG holds a “higher threshold” than Battlefield 4, implying that it will be more demanding.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is scheduled for release later this week and its reviews will start coming in tomorrow. We’ve no doubt that the game will garner high scores.

via WorldsFactory