Check Out World Of Warcraft: Looking For Group Documentary

Blizzard premiered their hour-long documentary called World of Warcraft: Looking for Group at Blizzcon 2014 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular title.

If you missed it during the event, don’t worry as the developers have made it available on YouTube, you can check it out in the attached video above.

The documentary discusses the impact that World of Warcraft has made over the people in its last ten years. The documentary shares stories of some fans and celebrities and how it changed their lives!

Furthermore, the developers of the game also appear in the documentary revealing how difficult it was to create a game of such big scale, and as more people got into it, more work needed to be done.

World of Warcraft: Looking for Group is a must watch for anyone who is or had been a fan of the title.

In addition to revealing this documentary, upcoming movie based on the game was also discussed as Blizzard revealed who is playing who in the movie.

Alliance casting – Travis Fimmel will play Anduin Lothar, Ben Foster as Medivh, Dominic Cooper as King Llane, Ben Schnetzer as Khadgar, Ruth Negga as Lady Taria and Paula Patton as Garona.

Horde casting – Tobby Kebbel as Durotan, Daniel Wu as Gul’dan, Rob Kazinsky as Orgrim, and Clancy Brown as Blackhand.

Warcraft movie is scheduled to release in March of 2016.