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Microsoft Searching for “State of the Art” Solution for Xbox One

The way Sony has been dominating hardware and software charts with the PlayStation 4 compared to its Xbox One rival, you could almost say that the company is perhaps finding the current-gen war a bit too easy.

However, nothing stays as it is forever and deep within its ranks, Microsoft has already started working on something major that they hope will change the state of competition altogether.

A recent job listing spotted on Microsoft’s official careers website states that the company is looking for a Senior Software Engineer. The job description details that the candidate should be prepared to “develop high quality, state of the art solutions that will transform the way [Microsoft] develops and tests games.”

It further states that the candidate should be able to “implement engineering best practices” and be capable in “working directly with users, educating, on-boarding, and supporting of our tools and services.” The candidate also needs to “participate in all parts of the software development cycle.”

Currently that’s all we know about the vacancy which just spells out that Microsoft is not going to sit by idly. This “state of the art” technology that Microsoft wants to build up for the Xbox One could be something that might turn the odds in its favor.