Lords of the Fallen Tyrant Hearts Locations Guide

Tyrant Hearts are located in Lords of the Fallen, all in or around the Temple area.

Acquiring them can be as simple as breaking an urn on the way or fighting a large number of enemies in an area before players can break an urn to loot the heart.

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Lords of the Fallen Tyrant Hearts Locations

The hearts can be traded with the Injured Monk to make the health potions more effective.

Tyrant Heart #1
Location: This heart is pretty easy to find since it’s located just past the gate when players cross the Interdimensional Bridge on their way to Eternal Flame. The urn is located on the left side next to the gate.

Tyrant Heart #2
Location: Players have to go to the Abandoned Fields for this heart, and turn right as they make their way towards the side entrance of the Temple.

Meanwhile they have to stay wary of the nearby Tyrant and instead of going inside the Temple, they need to take a path slightly to the left and go upwards. The Tyrant Heart would be located in an urn near the campfires at the end of the path.

Tyrant Heart #3
Location: After collecting Heart#2, players have to enter the Temple from the side entrance they just passed. Once inside, they have to turn left and cross a long flight of stairs to enter a room with a Tyrant inside it.

The urn with the Tyrant Heart is located just behind him. Players should rush towards the urn and break it to loot the heart, before fighting the Tyrant. If the Heart isn’t looted, the Tyrant will use it during combat to heal itself.

Tyrant Heart #4
Location: After defeating the Infiltrator in the Abandoned Temple, players can talk to the Wounded Rhogar across the arena and trade the skulls they have collected so far.

After trading, they need to turn left and go up the stairs to a room with a Tyrant inside. Players can avoid it by walking around while moving up through the stairs on the right side of the room.

Up there will be a crossbowman and behind him will be a number of urns, one of them containing the Tyrant Heart.