Lords of the Fallen Ancient Plates Locations Guide

There are several Ancient Plates hidden throughout the campaign of Lords of the Fallen. Finding them can be pretty tricky and frustrating since they require a lot of backtracking or looking for hidden access areas.

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Lords of the Fallen Ancient Plates Locations

This guide should help you find and acquire those plates easily so that they can be traded with Yetka for experience and resistance shards.

Ancient Plate #1
When players enter the Temple for the first time, they will see a closed gate behind the Blacksmith.

Going a bit past the gate and turning right will lead them to Eastern Antechamber from where they can go downstairs to a lever of the gate. The Ancient Plate will also be near the lever.

Ancient Plate #2
After the battle with the first Tyrant in Eternal Flames, players will find a Small Key to the Western Antechamber.

They have to backtrack here back to the Antechamber they came from and look for a different staircase this time which they can take to go up. Soon players will come upon a metal gate that can be opened to enter an area where the Ancient Plate is located.

Ancient Plate #3
When players enter Panorama, they have to turn left and walk towards the end of the path.

A set of stairs here will lead them down to the Western Antechamber (different location than the one where Plate#2 is located).

The Ancient Plate would be in the middle of the corridor.

Ancient Plate #4
Upon entering the Abandoned Field, next to the mysterious statuette, if players turn right and walk they will eventually come up on a checkpoint.

A cave behind the checkpoint contains the Ancient Plate and a Spider. Players have to be careful when jumping over ledges inside and it is better to stick to the right side.

Ancient Plate #5
Upon entering the Temple from the Abandoned Fields, players have to turn left and go down the stairs to fight a Tyrant.

Before reaching the Tyrant however, on the way downstairs, players can find the Ancient Plate on the left side of the stairs.