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Buy Argi in World of Warcraft and Help Fight Ebola

Blizzard has announced to donate all proceedings gathered from the sale of Argi in World of Warcraft during the entire month of December to the American Red Cross to assist in their fight against Ebola.

Argi is the latest companion addition in the game and will be released on December 3. She’s just one of over 650 creatures that can be adopted by players as pets. These span from baby dragons to steampunk robots to cuddly reptiles.

This isn’t the first time that Blizzard has announced a charity scheme featuring a virtual pet.

In order to assist the 2011 Japanese tsunami, the company made a similar announcement for the Cenarion Hatchling. Elsewhere the Moonkin Hatchling helped raise over $800,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Companions or pets don’t really give players any gameplay advantage in the game and merely follow their masters around. Think of it as more of a novelty item. However, they can challenge each other in a mini-game, sort of like a Pokemon battle.

Victorious pets grow stronger and sometimes gain pet charms, which is a type of currency that can be exchanged for in-game items like collars, and pet treats.

Argi will cost $10 when it arrives in the store on December 3.