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Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Maps Tips, Strategy, Dynamic Events, Scorestreaks

As a person who has been playing Call of Duty for almost seven years, I can say that Multiplayer Maps in Advanced Warfare are way better than Ghosts.

Almost all maps are designed to complement Exo-Suits and are equally good if one is playing the Classic Playlist. For more help on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, read our Multiplayer Tips, Best Loadouts and Prestige Guide.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Maps Tips and Strategy

In some maps, there are Dynamic Events which completely change the whole layout of the map.

It’s important to know all about these Dynamic Events and how they alter the map layout. Moreover, there are certain map-specific scorestreaks which are acquired from Orbital Care Packages.

In this guide, I’m going to break down all Multiplayer Maps and try to provide you with a better understanding of all maps.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: Auto-Turrets

Ascend is located around a large space elevator and is a multi-level map. The lanes above are more open while the area beneath the space elevator is tighter and encourages CQC.

Using the Exo-Movements, it’s possible to reach the area beneath the space elevator from the other end of the map within blink of an eye. The outskirts of the map provide good vantage points.

While going through the center of the map, it’s a good idea to check the catwalks below. Although there aren’t many clear lines of sights, it doesn’t hurt to check your surroundings.

The space elevator room encourages melee and CQC. It’s recommended to toss in a grenade before entering or using Threat Detection.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: Shoot moving explosive barrels

In Bio-Lab, you’ll see three exterior areas connected to one large interior area. The central area is connected to all parts and encourages CQC. Stick to your shotguns and SMGs while you’re inside the Bio-Lab Facility and switch to long-ranged weapons once you’re out.

The outer areas of Bio-Lab have clear and long lines of sight. It’s recommended to check distant rooftops for enemies behind cover. I wouldn’t recommend staying out in open for too long. Instead, use the central area to reach objectives.

The area directly above the Domination B-flag is very interesting. About halfway through a match, a helicopter delivers delivers a new chunk of map on top of the B-flag which stays there for the rest of the map.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: The Walker Tanks

Since ‘Comeback’ is one of the smallest maps in the game, you’ll be constantly encountering enemies. Most of the buildings and rooftops provide decent cover to move around the map.

You’ll also be able to see players moving through the ground. If you’re sticking to ground to move across the map, make sure to use your Exo-Movements extensively.

The central power station has a couple of entrances and encourages melee, CQC, and explosives. It’s a good idea to be equipped with explosive resistive perks and being in your own arsenal of explosives.

Lastly, stick to your Loadout/Class for medium-ranged and CQC. The only long-shots you’ll score are going to be across the map.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: Laser Air Defense

Defender is located around a central structure containing the turret. This is a medium-sized map (a bit larger than Comeback) with a beach on one side and many small buildings/bunkers on the other side.

The central area is connected to almost all sides of the map and encourages medium-ranged and CQC. This is the perfect map for you if you use use Exo-Movements extensively.

There are a lot of clear lines of sight and higher areas which can be reached with a single Boost Jump. All the bunkers and buildings scattered throughout the map have less or no cover at all.

Don’t hop around them without analyzing your surroundings as opponents on the ground and other rooftops will take you out without any problem.

Almost half-way through the map, you’ll receive a Tsunami warning and any player standing on the shoreline will instantly die.

Following the Dynamic Event, the areas around the shoreline will get covered with water and you’ll have to swim your way to the central structure from the shoreline.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: Rail Turret

Detroit is another small map where most of the engagement are medium-ranged to CQC. The outer streets have next to no cover so you need to be careful when roaming out in the open for longer durations of time.

It’s recommended that you stick to stay inside the buildings or back-alleyways to traverse through the map. These buildings have a lot of windows and doors to see what’s going on in the streets and pick off your targets.

If you’re good at Quickscoping, you can pick off targets with relative ease with a one-shot Sniper Rifle like Atlas.

However, if you plan to stay inside the buildings then bring in your CQC Loadout/Class and get an advantage over targets with a Sniper Rifle or medium-ranged build.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: None

This is my personal favorite map because there is always some action going on; especially if you’re staying in the middle of the map. There are three lanes which offer decent cover, but enemies heavily relying on the Exo-Movements will spot you in no time.

The best strategy to use here is to stay behind cover to pick off a couple of targets followed by getting on the rooftop to clear out enemies there. Like I’ve mentioned above, it’s not a good idea to stay on top of buildings for longer durations of time.

You’ll also come across two small buildings on the edge of the map which contain a couple of Hardpoints. Other than capturing these Hardpoints, I don’t really see any reason to check these areas.

There is a rock garden in the very middle of the area which is usually used by sniper and players preferring long-ranged combat due to its decent cover.

Lastly, it’s better to stick to medium-ranged and long-ranged builds in this map, but if you can use Exo-Abilities to your advantage, then there are chances of thriving with a CQC build.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: None

Horizon isn’t a straightforward map like others and you’ll come across opponents at each corner. There are quite a lot of pathways leading in and out of the central hangers. These pathways have both clear lines of sight and decent cover.

The central hanger is a very hot place due to the fact that it’s accessible from all sides. In case, you need to reach the area, make sure that you’re accompanied by a couple of teammates to watch your back.

The outskirts of the map encourage long-ranged combat, but players equipped with CQC build can use Exo-Movements to get in close within no time. Because of this, it’s recommended that you don’t stay in one place for too long.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: None

There is no way you should traverse the map through the central open area as there are many elevated platforms nearby. If you’ve no other option then the best to cross the path is to use Exo-Movements extensively and don’t stay in one place for extensive period of time.

The best position to drop opponent targets it is the area around the large pyramid. This area provides decent cover and you’ll have knowledge about opponent movement.

Objectives in this map are mostly located under the pyramid. This encourages you to flank the enemy from many different entry points rather than facing the enemies head on.

One last note for snipers: don’t stand at the very top of the central ruins for extended durations of time. Indeed there are many clear lines of sight to pick off targets below, but it also puts you inside the reticule of other players.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: None

This map is divided into two different phases due to its Dynamic Event. During the first phase of the map, it’s advisable that you stick to your medium-ranged build. However, during the second phase of the map, the best build to go with should be revolving around CQC.

When we talk about Dynamic Event in Recovery; about half-way through the match, a volcano erupts at the heart of the map. During this time, toxic gas will take over the map and players will be directed out to the outer side of the map with brightly-lit arrows.

The first phase of the map contains quite a lot of rooftops and narrow alleyways. However, the second phase of the map is more open and encourages long-ranged combat.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: None

The key to doing good in this map is to use Exo-Abilities and Exo-Movements extensively and flank your enemies every now and then. There are a lot of buildings in this map which you can use to move between opposite ends of the map.

I wouldn’t recommend any specific Class/Loadout for Retreat. You can do good with almost anything as long as you control the engagement and play your strengths.

Shotguns are obviously preferable inside buildings, but if you wish to opt for long-ranged combat, you need to choose a spot and watch the entry and exit points.

Especially in Retreat, it’s utmost important to communicate with your teammates and always remain updated about your opponents’ locations.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: Sensor Network

This is a fairly easy to understand map with three central lanes and two structures on the outer edges. The three lanes pass through the central prison and encourage CQC builds.

The outer areas of the map provide a complete view of the lanes via clear lines of sight on few rooftops. It’s a good idea to check your corners as you’ll find a lot of lurking players in the corner.

I wouldn’t recommend Sniper Rifles or any long-ranged build. You’ll be spending most of the time in the three lanes which encourage medium-ranged to CQC builds.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: Solar Reflection Tower

Similar to Riot, this is another map with three lanes, but the central area in this map is far hotter than Riot. Opponents will be able to drop your from the overlooking rooftops.

There is a tunnel in the center which will provide you with a little cover from the rooftop opponents, but try and avoid staying in the middle for longer duration unless you have an objective to capture.

If you’re a player who prefers CQC builds, you’ll face some difficulty in this map. Try and stick to long-ranged builds and always be on the move; without spending too much time in a single area.

The outer two lanes are a tad safer from the central lane, but not 100%. While in these lanes, use your Exo-Abilities and Exo-Movements to go past the opponents on rooftops. For most of the times, you should try and stay on the rooftops.


Map-Specific Scorestreak: Sniper Drone

This map has the most vertical structures across all maps in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The key to surviving in this map is by the extensive use of Exo-Movements and Exo-Abilities. However, you need to be careful as enemies can easily drop you after seeing you drifting through the air.

There are a lot of small alleyways and interiors which can be used to move from one place to another.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are quite a lot of objectives near the central spawning area. You’ll find a good amount of cover while capturing these objectives, but at the same time, these areas are a lot hotter than the rest of the maps.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!