Next Mass Effect Has New Alien Races, Species; Concept Art Revealed

The annual Mass Effect celebratory day, N7 was yesterday; and as we reported earlier, the developers held a developers roundtable as well as other events to commemorate the day. During all that, the next Mass Effect game (for the lack of an official title) was the topic of discussion on multiple times.

On one of those times, BioWare revealed that the game was going to introduce even more alien races and species to the universe’s already impressive variety.

Mike Gamble, the series producer at BioWare said that the next Mass Effect not only introduces the new species and races but also brings in their own worlds.

According to another producer, Fabrice Condominas, these new species and their worlds will add to the exploratory aspect of the game.

He then added that this time around, exploration is going to be more about getting to know the different species than just visiting new sides of the geography.

Other than that, the developers also release a couple of new concept arts for the game. One of them shows off an organic habitat that looks like a futuristic station while the other is from the alien world. It is nothing but eerie cold mechanical structures.

You can check out these two and some others above and below.

That being said, we also reported previously that Halo 4’s Chris Schlerf is going to write the upcoming installment in the series.

As far as the Mass Effect trilogy remake is concerned, BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn has been asking for advice on the features that it should have over at NeoGAF. Did you take part in the discussion?

Let us know what you think of the next Mass Effect title’s concept arts!