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Lack of Wii U Games to be Covered by Spin Off Titles, Says Miyamoto

We know that the primary problem with Wii U is the customer base that ties it down in the race for new titles. As a result, players don’t always get many choices. However, Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo thinks that they can (and they are actually trying to) tackle the issue through a new strategy.

The company is working on releasing multiple spin off titles for Nintendo franchises, and the veteran game developer says that they will be relying on this strategy for a while now; and then he added:

Our theme today is how effectively we can materialize our experiences to commercialize our products. This is something I often internally refer to as ‘spinoff software,’ but while we make use of our major game franchises, we want to support our character IP and increase the number of games we develop and release by also creating relatively smaller-scale but fun to play games.

He then assured that Nintendo was doing all it can to ‘release software within a franchise’ so that players could get new content to play without waiting for years on years.

The future of Nintendo holds a different scenario from what it has been among publishers in the recent years, I think. This is so because according to Miyamoto the last year brought in many second and third party companies to work with them.

It wouldn’t be long before some of the primary titles on the Wii U would have some new names among the developers and publishers. At least Miyamoto thinks that’ Wii U will have a rich software lineup in 2015.’

Do you think Nintendo Wii U can bounce back in 2015?