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Just Cause 3: ‘You Have Nothing To Worry About, Says Avalanche Boss

Some Just Cause 3 screenshots were leaked earlier this week which had a number of fans worried.

Why? Because they showed micro-transactions, and fans assumed that the game will be a free to play title. After which Avalance Boss tweeted, they only have one free to play title, which was released back in 2009, referring to The Hunter.

“We currently have ONE F2P game and it’s been out since 2009. I hope that helps you guys getting some sleep. Doesn’t change my opinion though.”

In a clever way without confirming the game’s existence, Avalanche founder Christofer Sundberg tweeted to let the fans of the series know that they have “nothing to worry about.

“Thank you everyone for your patience. Enjoy the silence for a couple of days now. You have nothing to worry about. Promise. :)”

That is a pretty neat way to clear things up without confirming the game, don’t you think? Avalanche is currently working on a Mad Max game and another game, which is believed to be Just Cause 3 and is going to be published by Square Enix.

It seems as though we are not to far away from an official announcement of Just Cause 3. Hopefully, the wait will end soon.

Source: Twitter