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Find Out Who Plays who in Warcraft Movie; Lothar, Garona, Durotan and More

Although Warcraft Movie is not going to happen any time soon, the diehard fans of the game wouldn’t want to wait for that long. While we can’t do anything about that problem specifically, here’s something to help you daydream about what the movie would be like.

We have known about the actors that had been casted for the project since December last year but it took BlizzCon 2014 for the makers to reveal who is going to play who in the game.

Director Duncan Jones, Blizzard vice president Chris Metzen and visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer were talking about the film yesterday.

Now we know that the three main characters are being played by Travis Fimmel who plays Lothar, Paula Patton who plays Garona and finally Toby Kebbell who plays Durotan.

Then there are other characters from the Alliance side: There is Ben Foster, as Medivh; Dominic Cooper, as King Llane; Ben Schnetzer, as Khadgar; and Ruth Negga, as Lady Taria.

Finally we have the Horde side off the story where Daniel Wu plays Gul’dan, Rob Kazinsky plays Orgrim and Clancy Brown plays Blackhand.

It is important to note here that the nonhuman characters in the universe are being motion captured for the Warcraft movie with the exception of Garona.

We have our orcs, our humans and Garona is special. We didn’t want to use mocap; we wanted an actress who could play live action, who had the physicality and action chops [to play Garona].

Warcraft movie is slated for a release in March 2016, which is 15 months from now; since the filming had completed way back in May this year, I wish they had chosen an earlier date. Don’t you?