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Everything Blizzard has Revealed about Overwatch So Far

It all started back in April this year when Blizzard filed for a trademark for something called Overwatch at the same time while they were hiring new employees for an ‘unannounced project.’

Everything was quiet for a while after that until we got the surprise announcement of the game at BlizzCon 2014 couple of hours ago; a new PvP multiplayer shooter.

This was followed by some screenshots that showcased some of the characters that are going to be in the game alongside the world environment where you are going to go battling.

Now let’s roundup everything else we know so far.

The developers held an approximately 90 minute long panel at BlizzCon 2014 where a lot of other information was shared. For instance, the game is set in a highly fictionalized future Earth where you will still be able to see some of the landmarks from our time.

The game will have rebellious robots called Omnics who will attack human and their cities, which is where you come in. Overwatch is actually the name of an organization of Heroes fighting the war for humans, it was the best that humans had until something made it fall apart.

As far as gameplay elements are concerned it is a 6v6 multiplayer, team based shooter in general where you take the role of Offense, Defense, Tanks and Support. The game will not have deathmatches, the matches will also not just be about the highest kills.

The heroes you play with can be changed (currently there is a choice of 12, but more will be added soon), each of them will have an ultimate ability and their survivability will be higher than usual shooters.

Last but not the least, Overwatch is going to get a beta is 2015, here’s where you can sign up for it.