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Diablo 3 Update 2.1.2 to Bring Changes to Greater Rifts, Treasure Goblins and More

Blizzard has revealed new information regarding the 2.1.2 update for Diablo 3 at Blizzcon stating that this update will bring new features along with some changes to the game.

First, all the problems that were reported after the 2.1 patch will be addressed, Greater Rift system of the game will be revamped, new weapons/armors and new creatures will be added. Furthermore, this update will bring some changes to the Treasure Goblins.

Previously, there were four types of goblins with each one wearing a different color of pants but from now on, each goblin will be of completely different color and their colors will determine what kind of loot they will drop.

The gold goblins will drop loot like gold and gems, but the colored ones (green, red and white) will only drop specific loot.

The developers also shared details on Diablo 3 adventure mode, as they confirmed that new legendary items and new layouts will be added with the upcoming patch.

Senior technical designer, Wyatt Cheng mentioned that more randomness is required for the greater rifts, so their re-playability can be increased and work on making it happen is going on.

Apart from the aforementioned changes and additions, the update 2.1.2 will bring a lot of other stuff to the game as well, details on them will be revealed in the future.