The Black Glove Kickstarter has Failed but Developers aren’t Giving Up

The Black Glove, VR compatible title by Day For Night Games was up on Kickstarter with a $550,000 target, but it hasn’t even been able to raise half of that.

Alright so the Kickstarter might have been cancelled but that doesn’t mean it is confirmed that you are not going to get The Black Glove. This is because the developers are saying that they ‘mean to fight like hell to keep it from being cancelled.’

However they don’t have easy money (after all that is why they went to Kickstarter in the first place), and have been paying the bills out of their pockets for months now (relying on freelancing).

So would they lower their fundraising goal? No, that is not what they want to do. Because they think that lowering the goal would mean they will not be able to meet the promises made on Kickstarter to the backers.

Instead, what they are doing is that they are talking to multiple publishers including the ones who have reached out to them in the previous month or so. However, don’t expect that you will get any update very soon.

Even the developers are saying that it may be weeks or months before [they] have news to report.

As far as you are concerned, if you wish to get the Black Glove, the developers are asking you to head over to their website, sign up and stay in touch. Not really a help as far as I can see but it is clear that they are in serious financial crunch right now.

Would you like The Black Glove to make it?