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Phil Spencer Addresses Storage Issues on Xbox One, Wants more Co-op Games

Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter to address the growing subject of wanting a bigger Xbox One hard drive.

Responding to a fan, Spencer said that he understands “the needs” for more space and hence bigger hard drives. However, at the moment the best way is to use an external USB hard drive – a most temporary solution but one that the boss uses himself as well.

The standard Xbox One console ships with a 500 GB hard drive, while a special edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle gives you a 1 TB one. Besides that, Microsoft currently has no plans to offer alternatives.

The new games easily rack up to about 30-50 GB of space. It’s understandable that consumers who game a lot can easily fill up that space. They want to go past that 500 GB limit and do so in a more economical fashion.

Elsewhere, Spencer congratulated Frima Studios for its work on Chariot. He expressed how he loved playing the co-op game with his wife and that he’d love to see more such cooperative titles on the Xbox One.

“We need more same screen co-op games, played Chariot with my wife last night, nice fun game. Well done @FrimaStudios.”

In related news, Microsoft’s ongoing acquisition of Swedish developer Mojang and its Minecraft series is now officially completed. The franchise now officially lies in the hands of Microsoft.

Source Twitter