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Voxel Sandbox MMO Trove From Rift Devs In Open Beta

After a brief Closed Beta period, massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Trove is now open to all participants. A download shouldn’t take more than a few hundred megabytes, though it can come with a third party program.

Trove is the latest project from MMO developer Trion Worlds. It follows the currently popular genres that throw in cubed voxel visuals in an open world sandbox title, geared around player creation.

Visuals are more self-colored than the usual blocky game, with a cel-shaded outline for emphasis.

Players can travel to different worlds to explore the vast continents or go on perilous quests. Different biomes are available that yield a varying range of content, from more traditional medieval plains to the newer, futuristic neon lands.

There are also several classes to choose from to customize characters. Gunslingers and neon ninjas are some of the more eclectic choices there.

As stated, a lot of Trove is based on player support. As such, it’s possible to visit other players’ worlds and even pick up loot made by them.

Creation isn’t just limited to weapons and other items. It’s even possible to build entire dungeons from scratch. Some content in the game can alter the dynamic completely to sports or racing genres.

Another design Trove is proud about is its Cornerstone. This is a part of the player’s own homestead that travels along with them to other realms.

Like many of Trion Worlds’ projects, Trove will be free-to-play. Previously, the company also made Rift and the recently release ArcheAge.