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Three More Screenshots Allegedly Leaked for Just Cause 3

After seeing the leaked screenshots showing off muicrotransactions, some of the fans had started thinking that may be Just Cause 3 is going to be a free to play title with in-game transactions. However, Avalanche Studios’ Boss Christofer Sundberg has addressed the concerns and refuted the rumors.

So yeah, rest assured your favorite game series is going to continue to be what it has always been.

He has also said that fans should ‘enjoy a couple of days of silence’ now, hinting that may be an official announcement would come soon.

Original Story:
Couple of days ago we reported on four different screenshots that were circling the web. Allegedly those images are from Just Cause 3 but of course no one has confirmed that yet.

While we were still wondering whether to regard them as authentic or not someone has revealed three more screenshots for the same alleged title.

Just like the previous ones, the important takeaway in these screenshots also is the menu that is being shown. In the first image a ‘profile’ is being shown where you have heads for notifications, province tasks and mission objectives. You can see the image embedded above.

The second image is again showcasing a menu screen where in-game microtransactions are being shown. On the front you can see 400 diamonds being offered for the price of $7 while in the background there are other items like Kensington Serpenter – a sports car and Fire Leach – a grenade launcher.

This image also supports the evidence given for the presence of in-game microtransactions in the previous batch of screenshots.

The last image is just a black and white load screen. You can see the last two images below.

Just Cause 3 as a title has not been announced by Avalanche Studios yet even though we keep getting bits and pieces of evidence every now and then. This includes a website registered by Square Enix for the title as well as some blurred images that the developer had revealed in the start of this year.

How many of you are eagerly waiting for Just Cause 3 and if you are a returning fan, did you see something in these screenshots that we might have missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!