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Star Citizen Crosses $60 Million, $61 Million is the Next Goal

In just over a week, the popular Star Citizen title has managed to get yet another million, crossing the $60 million mark, and now the funding is very close to achieving the $61 million milestone.

Just like every million, this one also brings something new to the game and this time, it is “Aegis Bulldog-class Twin-Engine Deep Space Fighter” which is described as:

The Bulldog, a recent design from Aegis, has quickly become Earth’s premier deep space fighter. Deep space fighters are typically used to pursue engagements in outlying areas when support from a carrier is not available.

Bulldogs are usually flown by ground- and station-based naval forces, and are widely used by militia squadrons. Specifically designed to operate from planetary bases and engage targets up to a star system’s distance, the fighter trades some maneuverability for an extended supply of fuel and munitions as well as basic survival accommodations for a pilot and radar operator.

Furthermore, this Bulldog’s RIO will operate a turret, missile loadout and a very advanced sensor suite that will come in handy when you are fighting around an obstacle such as nebula or an asteroid field.

The funding for $61 million is currently sitting at 72%, which I am pretty sure will reach 100% very soon and it will unlock Espera Prowler, which is a modernized version of Tevarin boarding craft from the first Tevarin War.

The sudden rise in crowd funding could be due to the first person module of Star Citizen which was showcased to the public just a few days ago, you can check it out right here.