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Kingdom Come Deliverance New Images Look Amazing

Bunch of new images of Kingdom Come Deliverance have surfaced online, which showcase the beautiful environments of the game in its alpha build. Despite being in early stages of development, the game is looking amazing courtesy of the CryEngine.

You can check out these images posted in the gallery below:

The game entered into its technical alpha on October 22 as the backers were sent a code for its access, and if you want to play alpha, then all you have to do is pledge for the game on its official website.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is an RPG that takes place in the year 1403 and covers the real-time events that took place in that era.

Unlike other medieval RPGs, this one doesn’t include magic or any other supernatural stuff, bringing something fresh and new for the players who have grown tired of playing the same kind of games in the genre.

The developers are going to release the game in three different acts with each one taking up the story of the previous one.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is expected to release for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X in the last quarter of 2015, whereas PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions don’t have a release window.

Source: Andrew Cull